Play script final version


The reality of the coal mines


Charles Lee: A rich man who has a coal mine.

John Wits: A poor boy who works in the coal mine of Charles

London 1852, in a coal mine, both kids and adults work, the putters going with the wagons with coal. In the office the owner is counting his money, but he notices a terrible thing.

Charles: (He is acting like he is doing buisness things and he does a surprise face) Oh, no, it seems that I have less money than last month, and it started five years ago. If I do not do something quickly, the coal mine will close. (He thinks for a moment.) I know, I will fire some workers.(Leaves the stage).

John: (Acting like he is waiting something) When is that coal wagon going to be ready, I need to take it to the other side of the coal mine.

(Charles enters with a piece of paper)

Charles: Hey you kid, come here.

John: Who, me? (Shows a worry face)

Charles: Yes you, come here.

John: What do you want?

Charles: (Shows the piece of paper)Tell the people who are in the paper that are fired.

John: (Takes the paper)Ok but, why you are fireing them?

Charles: Because otherwise the mine will close.

John: But who will do their work now?

Charles: Well, the other workers will do their jobs as an extra! Now shut up and tell them.

(Both leaves the stage)

(Charles enters and he sits at his desk)

Charles: Well, it seems that one of the workers who supervised is sick, so I must replace him.

(Charles leaves the stage, then John enters)

John. Why there are taking so long. Now I must do double work.

(Charles enters)

Charles: Wow, I never thought that this place was so dark and ugly. Hey you kid.

John: Me?

Charles: Yes, please come here, whats your name?

John: John Wits

Charles: John, please tell, this place has always been as it is now.

John: Yes

Charles. Wow, please tell me more how is life here.

John: Well actually life is very bad here, it is very dark and dirty and also very dangerous, one time a rock fell over a man and almost kills him. And now everyone must do double work.

Charles: Wow, I never thought that life here was so bad, thank you kid, you opened my eyes.

And so the life in the mine changed. Now the mine is a good place for the workers and Charles returned their old work of the workers he fired. When Charles died,  he pased the mine to John.


Victorian Digital Profile

Name: Charles

Age: 45

Nationality: English

Socioeconomic level: rich

Hometown: London

Current Residence: His mine’s Personal Room.

Occupation: Mine owner.

Salary: E 20.000

Date of birth: 1807

Siblings: No.

Spouse: No.

Children: No.

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Race: Caucasian

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brown

Skin Collor: “Brown”

Educational Background: Studied in a very good school. Finished full education as a comercial engineer.

Inteligence Level: High Average.

Learning Experiences: ?

Character’s short-term goals in life: Get more money

Character’s long-term goals in life: Get so rich to never work again

How does character see himself: A high class mine owner.

How he feels he is perceived by others: Generous and helper, etc.







Victorian Drama: self and peer assestment

  • Self assessment is a process in which you look at your own performance in a specific task and reflect on how good/bad you did it.
  • Peer assessment is a process in which you can provide feedback to your classmate. In this way you can better off your performance as a students and develop certain areas of your life you had not noticed before.

In class, write a self and peer assessment of your performance in the Victorian Drama Activity. Assess yourself, and your partner, using these areas and questions as a guide (Upload this information on your Blog)

1)      Did I keep myself/my partner focused?

2)     Was I/my partner kind and respectful towards others?

3)     Did I/my partner listen well to suggestions?

4)     Did I/my partner contribute to the project, not necessarily in quantity, but in functional ways to keep the work moving in a positive direction?

5)     Overall, how effectively did you/your partner work on this project?

6)     How knowledgeable, well prepared, respectful in the midst of discussion or disagreement, enthusiastic, and honest with the group was I/ my partner?

7)      Give one specific example of something you learnt from your partner that you probably would not have learnt working alone.

8)     Describe the best and worst part of your performance.


1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) My partner made the script, and I got the ideas for the performance

6) We all where prepared, and where respectfull with all ideas.

7) I don t know.

8) I think, that the worst part of my performance was the last part. It was a litle bit direct, but we didn t have anything else. It was good, but it was way too direct, quickly, etc. I m not sure about the best part of the performance.