Recount on the misterious mistery thing.

First, I said goodnight to the other guests, then I went to bed, it was 12p.m. I couldn‘t sleep, the rain was too heavy, and from time to time there were lightings.

At 1am I heard a sound coming from outside, they were steps, and they were over the roof. I got a little bit scared. A minute later, I heard loud coughs, and then someone cried “Help!” and continued coughing. I then tried looking where and who needed help, and I found the other guests in the library, where Ms Patricia Plumstaff was sitting sitting dead on a chair. She had no wound that we could see, but then we found a small spike on his back, it did not even came blood out.

111 words.


What are tips?

In the United Kingdom people have a diferent tradition of tipping. In the United Kingdom, differently to most of the countries of America, people there only give tips when the service is good, and it is common to be the 10% of the bill, for example in elegant restaurants, while in the United States a 15% of the bill (or more) is common, for example. In the United States most people even give tips when the service is not very good which in my opinion is not good. You should only give tips when the service is good, and it shouldn’t be an obligation, but it would be impolite not to leave a tip when the service is good enough. In conclusión, the tips are a polite way of thanking someone when the service is good.

Word count: 136

Letter to the Madman of the cat, Sheogorath.

Mr Madman of the cat, Sheogorath

Jail, 101 the mind of a madman street

New sheoth, Edgar Alan Poe State

Deear madman of the cat,

You are mad, before and after alcohol. What class of idiot drinks until loosing the sense? What drove you to drink that much? I mean, you killed your spouse “because” of a cat which was only a harm for your mind, don’t you even regret what you did? I read your story, yet I don’t know if it was an invention of your madness. Were you talking seriously or are you completely mad?, When you were a child you said you where nice, loved animals, etc. It sounds hard to believe now, probably you were mad since you were born. Your madness could be a matter of study for the best psychologists, how does someone drink to the death of his mind?


Rodrigo Rivera

125 words