Literature Review

in this research essay I will refer to how would our world be without technology. We all use technology, and at this point (and through all history) no human would be able to survive without technology. Ever since the human exists he has used technology, from the simplest of fireplaces to the most complex artificial intelligence. Technology is not only digital, but every invention made by humans. It is this ability of creating that makes humans special, it puts us on top of everything and makes us survive and grow.

Technology is not only electrical. A common misconception of technology is that it is only electrical devices, but something so simple as an stone axe is technology.

Technology tends to evolve faster than human genetics, in some cases technology can evolve faster with better technology, with this I mean that already created technology can help create new technologies. I refer specifically to computers as example, with their invention, they have become a tool that has made technology’s evolution rate double, triple or much more.

We all surely know the wonders of technology, more abundance of food, better life expectancy, advancements and overall humankind survives. But, what would we be without technology? The answer is simple and doesn’t need a lot of reflection, we would just die. The human being would be the weakest of animals without his mental abilities. If somehow we would be able to survive without technology, we would just be another animal, we would have no difference in behavior to animals.

Having no technology would require us to not have the same mental abilities we have now. If technology would just disappear, we would make it all over again sooner or later. Total disappearance of technology would require no creators, this means that we would either not exist or just be another wild animal. Even hierarchy and the meaning of society we have right now is an invention and wouldn’t exist without inventors.


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