You could loose all your money in some years. World as-is will find (or create) it’s own end in no time. The world is home to different people and ideas, yet there is a system that rules supreme these days: Neoliberal capitalism. I believe that our world needs to change, we must work to find a way to save the planet from man’s (excessive) exploitation of nature, and to give equal opportunities to everyone.

Capitalism does not exist on all countries, but it does on most. Capitalism has existed since long ago. Near the end of the middle age traders acquired enough money to have more power than nobles, they were impoberished and some even sold their nobility titles. At some point nobles had to change their system, trading became vital for “nations”. It is correct to think that capitalism’s most important factor’s are private property and market, but there is another factor. That is government’s administration, with a ruling body that makes sure the competence is fair, and viable. Sadly, these “rules” imposed by the government fail to guarantee a safe and fair system.

Most of the resources on the world are in hands of an small amount of people, the so called “1 percent”. The ideology of capitalism shouldn’t be what it is today. Michael Pirson, director of the centre for humanistic management and assistant professor at Fordham school of business, he believes that “capitalism has got off the track” of what it should be, a wealth maker not at expense of others. Added to that we have contamination; capitalism makes industry need to extract and produce as fast as possible, yet there is barely any control over how much can they extract, to the point that there is nothing left for other small business to grow, or for the environment to recover. So we have corporations that get involved in politics to extract to the point of destruction and to take out of the market any other competence.

We got problems, but how can we fix them? It is indeed possible. But what say experts? In the book “From Capitalistic to humanistic business” Michael refers to the opinion of various serious scholars and activists, that they spect that the failure of a system could bring two consequences: Crisis or revolution. In a crisis, “the system is near to collapse or has collapsed.”, and there are changes, this usually leads to the removal of excessive benefits to corporations and sometimes to their destruction. In revolution, usually by violence, corporations are (often) destroyed. I believe that the solution is a government completely separate from business, which regulates business’ power, and determines a limit (yet not outlawing it) to exploit nature.

World is sick, and we must help to heal it. We must not shut up when we see injustice, corruption, contamination, etc. As I said, it is possible to change. It is possible to save the world. Some corporations destroy without stop nature and make other human being’s lives miserable. We are not “alright”


Book: Conceptualizing capitalism – GM. Hodgson

Book: From Capitalistic to Humanistic Business – Michael Pirson

Book: Do new leaders make a difference?: executive succession and public policy under capitalism and socialism – Valerie Bunce


Literature Review

in this research essay I will refer to how would our world be without technology. We all use technology, and at this point (and through all history) no human would be able to survive without technology. Ever since the human exists he has used technology, from the simplest of fireplaces to the most complex artificial intelligence. Technology is not only digital, but every invention made by humans. It is this ability of creating that makes humans special, it puts us on top of everything and makes us survive and grow.

Technology is not only electrical. A common misconception of technology is that it is only electrical devices, but something so simple as an stone axe is technology.

Technology tends to evolve faster than human genetics, in some cases technology can evolve faster with better technology, with this I mean that already created technology can help create new technologies. I refer specifically to computers as example, with their invention, they have become a tool that has made technology’s evolution rate double, triple or much more.

We all surely know the wonders of technology, more abundance of food, better life expectancy, advancements and overall humankind survives. But, what would we be without technology? The answer is simple and doesn’t need a lot of reflection, we would just die. The human being would be the weakest of animals without his mental abilities. If somehow we would be able to survive without technology, we would just be another animal, we would have no difference in behavior to animals.

Having no technology would require us to not have the same mental abilities we have now. If technology would just disappear, we would make it all over again sooner or later. Total disappearance of technology would require no creators, this means that we would either not exist or just be another wild animal. Even hierarchy and the meaning of society we have right now is an invention and wouldn’t exist without inventors.

Description of my Holiday

On vacations I went to Orlando, but no! The agency was a hoax and the trip really was to Siberia. There the plane had malfunctions so we landed on an airport that is in middle of nowhere. There we went to a horrible hotel where it was cold and there was no food, we starved for 4 days. I was starving with my father, mother and brother, at least we had time to be in family right? But no! I got lost in a snow storm (it snowed all the 4 days). Luckily I returned to the hotel in 2 hours. I felt terrible, this trip was horrible. Do not ever hire Chilean Politics Travel Agency unless you want to go to Siberia or some place like that!

Zlata Summary

The situation at Dubrovnik is getting worse. They can send packages through caritas. Her father does no longer need to go to the reserves. The disponibility of goods goes down. Zlata went to her recital and Jacas and Jahorina. Zlata had her birthday, but she got sick, so 11 days later she celebrated with friends.


I have news on the Penta case,  where more and more corruption is unveiled. Recently the senator Giovanni said that he did not do any illegal transactions and Vladimir said the same. They together with other  politicians have done many illegal actions and they must be taken to court soon.

We believe that their declarations are lies. The police has informed that they have found evidence of that they had done those illegal actions. The court may issue a warrant to arrest the politicians soon. We believe that they are guilty and very bad men and they should be executed without mercy or be exiled.

If they are guilty at the trial, they will be put in prison for a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more news.

How I imagine living in a war would be…

Sunday 13, 1970

I woke up because of the sirens, another raid from the rebels. Bombardos is already war torn, what else do they want? Soon after the air raid siren was on, the guns started firing. The Patriotic Front against the rebels, everything normal. It has been the same since the PF took control of Bombardos. But it was not normal, there used to be peace, when I could play and go out to the street, but not any longer. Will war ever go away?

Sunday 20, 1970

No one likes the Patriotic Front, not after the curfews, the martial law, etc. They need to be stopped. Today we will make a pacific riot against the PF’s corruption, untill now all riots have been violent so they shouldn’t respond with violence as they used to. I will talk more about this tomorrow.

Monday 21, 1970

The riot went horrible! I’m so lucky I survived! After about five mins that the riot was marching with all the people, a separate group of people, the rebels, throw some rocks at the police barricade. It was only like 3 people, that where not even with the group! They where at another street, yet they answered as we should have suspected. With violence. After that rock hit an officer, they loaded their guns and shot without mercy at all the people. A lot of them died, I was so lucky I survived the shots! There was blood on all the street, and today there are still a lot of bodies out there, it’s a horrible scene!