Wine Listening Act.

1.-  It’s Unique in the country.

2.- One of the best in the world.

3.- Argentina.

4.- In the Colchagua Valley.

5.- Santiago.

6.- Because he estabilished the museum in Santa Cruz.



In the Chiloe archipelago (conformed by 200 islands), an important element to mention is the amazing churches of Chiloe. There are about 70 churches. These churches, mainly made of Wood, have an architecture of a mix of european and indigenous culture. Also, you can find classical tall towers, vaulted ceiling, etc, they have special characteristics, the indigenous tradition of building in wood influenced by boat building techniques. They are situated next to the sea, on hills or wherever as conditions demand. These churches looks like a boat (sometimes), plus their interesting interior, makes them feel like in one of the big temple cities of the past-

Recount on Valdivia

I went to sail at río calle calle and I had a lot of fun. We boarded a boat that sailed the river from end to end, it was a tourist boat, so they explained us a lot of things. I liked it a lot, I learned a lot of things about the history of the place.