Description of my Holiday

On vacations I went to Orlando, but no! The agency was a hoax and the trip really was to Siberia. There the plane had malfunctions so we landed on an airport that is in middle of nowhere. There we went to a horrible hotel where it was cold and there was no food, we starved for 4 days. I was starving with my father, mother and brother, at least we had time to be in family right? But no! I got lost in a snow storm (it snowed all the 4 days). Luckily I returned to the hotel in 2 hours. I felt terrible, this trip was horrible. Do not ever hire Chilean Politics Travel Agency unless you want to go to Siberia or some place like that!


Zlata Summary

The situation at Dubrovnik is getting worse. They can send packages through caritas. Her father does no longer need to go to the reserves. The disponibility of goods goes down. Zlata went to her recital and Jacas and Jahorina. Zlata had her birthday, but she got sick, so 11 days later she celebrated with friends.


I have news on the Penta case,  where more and more corruption is unveiled. Recently the senator Giovanni said that he did not do any illegal transactions and Vladimir said the same. They together with other  politicians have done many illegal actions and they must be taken to court soon.

We believe that their declarations are lies. The police has informed that they have found evidence of that they had done those illegal actions. The court may issue a warrant to arrest the politicians soon. We believe that they are guilty and very bad men and they should be executed without mercy or be exiled.

If they are guilty at the trial, they will be put in prison for a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more news.