Health Care Services

In Chile basically you have to pay for everything except consultorios. The Isapres are paid health insurance companies. While Fonasa is free, the services given by Isapres should be better. Yet in both cases the waiting time is long, everything is crowded.

Fonasa has the hospital and consultorio services, the hospital is cheaper when you are in Fonasa, yet if you have Isapre you have to pay a lot for the hospital, and you can’t go to consultorio. Isapre is supposed to have the best service in their clinics. The clinics are the service of the Isapres. The clinics are relatively cheap (cheaper) when you are in Isapre, yet they can be very expensive if you are in Fonasa.

In consultorios you receive primary attention, there are exams, etc. Yet they aren’t any good and the waiting time is way too long. If you are in Isapre (or are in Fonasa and can pay) you can go to private attention centres.


Description of a group of people

They are somewhere in the United Kingdom, because there is an UK flag on the background. They are eating at open air. They are 4 people. One of them, at the background, is wearing a striped t-shirt. Next to her, there is someone wearing and sleeveless shirt. There is a man wearing a hoodie with a red shirt. Next to him is a woman with a white t-shirt and a bracelet.


What is the title of your topic? Where have you identified this issue? What are some possible consequences of it? What could you do to improve it? Who does it most affect?

What is healthier dinning hall or kiosk food
In the dinning hall and the kiosk
Obesity in the students
To say what we think about it to the kiosk and dinning hall
The students

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