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Hey Jack, I have a bike that i enjoy a lot. I got it 2 years ago, I have to keep it clean and put oil in it to keep it in good condition. I really love riding it because it is really fun, and on extreme conditions there is adrenaline, and it feels great I hope to hear from you son,


The Last Sherlock Holmes History ~ Script

۞About the author۞

Michael Dibdin

•Michael Dibding(1947-2007) was born in England. He went to school in Northen Ireland, and he went to university in England and Canada. His first book was “The Last Sherlock Holmes Story”, in 1978. After that he went to Italy to teach English. Other books were “A Rich Full Death”, 1986 and “Ratking”, 1988, which introduced Inspector Zen that it would be used in other books. He later lived in USA.

✎About the book✎

The book is about the case of Jack the Ripper, a man who kills street women. Holmes decides to solve the case and he belives that the killer was professor Moriarty, a very inteligent university professor. However, Watson discovers that was Holmes the killer and that he was mad. At the end Holmes in his madness commits suicide so that Moriarty can´t win

•Sherlock Holmes: A famous clever detective, but also a mad killer.
•Dr. Watson: The best friend of Holmes and the narrator of the story.
•Jack the Ripper: A killer who rips street women.
•Professor Moriarty: A very intelligent professor created by the imagination of Holmes.
•Inspector Lestrade: The inspector of the city who worked a lot of times with Holmes.
•Mary Morstan: Watson´s wife
•Arthur Connan Doyle: A writer who wrote stories of Holmes.

✎Victorian References✎
•The real Jack the Ripper lived in the victorian times.
•The use of cocaine as a medicine.
•The means of transport used like cabs and trains.
•The type of revolver used in the book.

✎Personal opinion✎

Our personal opinion is that the book was fun and interesting, but it was weird that Holmes was the killer. Is also interesting that is conected with the real world saying that Holmes existed and that Arthur Connan Doyle wrote this stories and that he was friend of Watson.


Conventional and no-frills airports

Conventional airports offer some services that no-frills airports don’t. Conventional airports are expensive but they give you food and entertainment, and no-frills airports don’t just offer bad service in the airport it self, just for a cheap ticket. Conventional airports will let you choose your seats, make you wait less, etc. No-frills airports are far from city centres, they will probably be small and you won’t be able to choose which airports to go, and you go from one airport to the other. While conventional airports will get you as directly as you can. And no-frills airpots might loose your luggage. I would preffer to pay more for a better service and faster too. And safer for my luggage, and to not starve in th plane bored.