Victorian Digital Profile

Name: Charles

Age: 45

Nationality: English

Socioeconomic level: rich

Hometown: London

Current Residence: His mine’s Personal Room.

Occupation: Mine owner.

Salary: E 20.000

Date of birth: 1807

Siblings: No.

Spouse: No.

Children: No.

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Race: Caucasian

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brown

Skin Collor: “Brown”

Educational Background: Studied in a very good school. Finished full education as a comercial engineer.

Inteligence Level: High Average.

Learning Experiences: ?

Character’s short-term goals in life: Get more money

Character’s long-term goals in life: Get so rich to never work again

How does character see himself: A high class mine owner.

How he feels he is perceived by others: Generous and helper, etc.








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