Victorian Drama: self and peer assestment

  • Self assessment is a process in which you look at your own performance in a specific task and reflect on how good/bad you did it.
  • Peer assessment is a process in which you can provide feedback to your classmate. In this way you can better off your performance as a students and develop certain areas of your life you had not noticed before.

In class, write a self and peer assessment of your performance in the Victorian Drama Activity. Assess yourself, and your partner, using these areas and questions as a guide (Upload this information on your Blog)

1)      Did I keep myself/my partner focused?

2)     Was I/my partner kind and respectful towards others?

3)     Did I/my partner listen well to suggestions?

4)     Did I/my partner contribute to the project, not necessarily in quantity, but in functional ways to keep the work moving in a positive direction?

5)     Overall, how effectively did you/your partner work on this project?

6)     How knowledgeable, well prepared, respectful in the midst of discussion or disagreement, enthusiastic, and honest with the group was I/ my partner?

7)      Give one specific example of something you learnt from your partner that you probably would not have learnt working alone.

8)     Describe the best and worst part of your performance.


1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) Yes

5) My partner made the script, and I got the ideas for the performance

6) We all where prepared, and where respectfull with all ideas.

7) I don t know.

8) I think, that the worst part of my performance was the last part. It was a litle bit direct, but we didn t have anything else. It was good, but it was way too direct, quickly, etc. I m not sure about the best part of the performance.


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