Play script final version


The reality of the coal mines


Charles Lee: A rich man who has a coal mine.

John Wits: A poor boy who works in the coal mine of Charles

London 1852, in a coal mine, both kids and adults work, the putters going with the wagons with coal. In the office the owner is counting his money, but he notices a terrible thing.

Charles: (He is acting like he is doing buisness things and he does a surprise face) Oh, no, it seems that I have less money than last month, and it started five years ago. If I do not do something quickly, the coal mine will close. (He thinks for a moment.) I know, I will fire some workers.(Leaves the stage).

John: (Acting like he is waiting something) When is that coal wagon going to be ready, I need to take it to the other side of the coal mine.

(Charles enters with a piece of paper)

Charles: Hey you kid, come here.

John: Who, me? (Shows a worry face)

Charles: Yes you, come here.

John: What do you want?

Charles: (Shows the piece of paper)Tell the people who are in the paper that are fired.

John: (Takes the paper)Ok but, why you are fireing them?

Charles: Because otherwise the mine will close.

John: But who will do their work now?

Charles: Well, the other workers will do their jobs as an extra! Now shut up and tell them.

(Both leaves the stage)

(Charles enters and he sits at his desk)

Charles: Well, it seems that one of the workers who supervised is sick, so I must replace him.

(Charles leaves the stage, then John enters)

John. Why there are taking so long. Now I must do double work.

(Charles enters)

Charles: Wow, I never thought that this place was so dark and ugly. Hey you kid.

John: Me?

Charles: Yes, please come here, whats your name?

John: John Wits

Charles: John, please tell, this place has always been as it is now.

John: Yes

Charles. Wow, please tell me more how is life here.

John: Well actually life is very bad here, it is very dark and dirty and also very dangerous, one time a rock fell over a man and almost kills him. And now everyone must do double work.

Charles: Wow, I never thought that life here was so bad, thank you kid, you opened my eyes.

And so the life in the mine changed. Now the mine is a good place for the workers and Charles returned their old work of the workers he fired. When Charles died,  he pased the mine to John.


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