How I imagine living in a war would be…

Sunday 13, 1970

I woke up because of the sirens, another raid from the rebels. Bombardos is already war torn, what else do they want? Soon after the air raid siren was on, the guns started firing. The Patriotic Front against the rebels, everything normal. It has been the same since the PF took control of Bombardos. But it was not normal, there used to be peace, when I could play and go out to the street, but not any longer. Will war ever go away?

Sunday 20, 1970

No one likes the Patriotic Front, not after the curfews, the martial law, etc. They need to be stopped. Today we will make a pacific riot against the PF’s corruption, untill now all riots have been violent so they shouldn’t respond with violence as they used to. I will talk more about this tomorrow.

Monday 21, 1970

The riot went horrible! I’m so lucky I survived! After about five mins that the riot was marching with all the people, a separate group of people, the rebels, throw some rocks at the police barricade. It was only like 3 people, that where not even with the group! They where at another street, yet they answered as we should have suspected. With violence. After that rock hit an officer, they loaded their guns and shot without mercy at all the people. A lot of them died, I was so lucky I survived the shots! There was blood on all the street, and today there are still a lot of bodies out there, it’s a horrible scene!


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