ISE 1 Controlled Written Examination Correction

Task 1

Traditional teaching rules success

The Allsop Academy is currently one of the best schools in the UK, we’re a lot of students achieve access in high level universities. This was not always like that.

Allsop used to be one of the worst schools in the UK, students were badly behaved and the structure was very old. When the new head teacher came, Michael Wilson, many things changed. Michael believes in strong discipline and traditional teaching. Students have denied access to fast food for lunch, students can’t access the school if they don’t have their correct uniform tidy with short hair, they stand in lines waiting for their teachers, and if they don’t do their homework they have to stay on after school. The school changed their buildings for new ones, and got a lot of money with Michael. In conclusion I think that this school had a noteworthy change for the best.

Task 2

Hello, how are you? On your last letter you told me that it was very difficult for you to learn foreign languages, so I’m writing to help you.

I really enjoy learning a language, it helps a lot in life, and expands your knowledge. Some mental diseases can be prevented by learning and speaking regularly two or more languages. Even if learning a language could be good for your health, it could be a conundrum. Learning a language takes time and effort, you need to learn a lot of new words, the pronunciation, rules, etc. Personally I think that the hardest part is learning and using correctly the pronunciation when speaking. Learning the words is essential, it’s easier when you learn by hard some basic words, because then there are some words made by other words. You can also listen to music or see movies, it also helps a lot.


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