The Cask of Amontillado Monologue

I had to kill him. It was vengeance. Fortunato had to die. I observed him for long time until I knew what to do. His arrogance would be his end. Luchesi is a wine expert, so is Fortunato. I compared him with Luchesi, he said he was better. He wanted to try the Amontillado, not Luchesi, so did I. I drove him to the catacombs. When he showed somehow the wish to return, I just had to mention Luchesi to make him continue.

As we advanced through the catacombs, Fortunato was showing signs of intoxication, probably because of the nitre- When he started coughing, I mentioned Luchesi- “Let’s return, I will get Luchesi to try the wine and-” and he did not even let me finish talking, interrupted me, and said “he is an ignoramus” and forced me to continue, just as I wanted. That arrogance would be his end.

Finally, I buried him alive inside were the Amontillado was. I chained him up the wall, and built another wall at the entrance of the room.


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